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The Elshere name might sound familiar if you follow rodeo. It started with a few cousins who were outstanding saddle bronc riders, Ryan and JJ. They influenced Cole (Owner of the Elshere Ranch) to start riding bucking horses at a young age. Riding Saddle Broncs has helped establish the ranch. Cole has qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada three times. Cole has won many all-around titles when he was also riding bulls. Recently Cole has been also entering Indian Rodeos and has qualified for his first trip to the Indian National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.



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SweetPro makes feed supplements that help your horses, cattle and other animals stay healthier and grow stronger. Using SweetPro lick blocks, top dressings and other products, adds key ingredients to your livestock's normal feed, to help their digestive systems perform the way that nature intended. Our products feature fermentation feed ingredients that are rich in yeast, a prebiotic and volatile organic acid. These support overall digestion in horses, cattle and other livestock, for excellent feed efficiency.

Equipride and Equilix are “all-in-one” vitamin and mineral supplements for horses that support good health and performance.


The Stuber Ranch mission is to breed cattle that are thick, correct, long-topped, moderate birth weight, early fertility and as much performance, carcass and milk our environment will allow” With attention to the non-measured traits of temperament, structural soundness, foraging ability and easy fleshing. 


Panhandle Western Wear offers men’s and women’s shirts and outerwear in a variety of comfortable fits, classic plaids, and eye-catching prints. Panhandle has been committed to quality and performance for over 70 years and proudly creates apparel that those living the western lifestyle can perform in and wear with pride.  


Rock and Roll Denim offers a variety of comfortable jeans and shirts with high quality, stylish details that make you stand out from the crowd. Rock and Roll Denim’s commitment to designing and manufacturing apparel that blends style and comfort comes from a deep-rooted passion for the modern-day cowboy and the lifestyle he leads. 


Since 1909, Greeley Hat Works has been creating and renovating fine quality headwear. Just about any kind of hat you can imagine, from traditional working cowboys' hats, to fashion forward cutting-edge hats. The things they both have in common are that they are all built one at a time, by hand. When you pick up a hat built by Greeley Hat Works, you can feel the difference. With any of the Greeley Hat Works hats you are only limited by your imagination. Your Greeley Hat Works hat is as unique as your signature, so express yourself.




The Chisholm Trail Bale Bed is a specialty after-market steel bed manufactured to fit pickup trucks, aiding farmers and ranchers in the feeding process of livestock and the transport of large rounds of hay. The same hydraulic components operate both the arm function and the unique dump bed function, adding considerably to the versatility of the unit.

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