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Elshere ranch beef is grass finished or corn finished beef raised sustainably on the South Dakota prairie. The cattle receive the best of care by the Elshere family with consumers in mind throughout the process. The herd is heavily influenced by Hereford genetics causing Elshere Ranch Beef to be lean yet well marbled, indexing optimally in both yield and quality grades and so tasty that you’ll never crave meat from anywhere else. Keto friendly, hormone free, grass or corn finished and fully customizable to your liking - your Elshere  Ranch raised steak is just a click away.

Grass fed beef is great for pregnant women, those with high cholesterol or corn allergies. 


To order Elshere Beef click the button below and follow the prompts. The amount you pay today is a deposit. The remainder of the amount will be due upon delivery.


                                       WHOLE                  HALF                   QUARTER

Deposit Amount:           $600                       $400                     $200

Projected Total Cost:     $2600 - $3000       $1300 - $1500      $650-750

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